Xiaomi used Apple ad to promote its new feature check out here


Remember that a few years ago, Xiaomi was called China’s apple? Xiaomi sometimes takes this comparison seriously and thinks it is Apple. As we told you a few days ago, Xiaomi launched a feature called Mimoji, which seems to be a copy of Apple’s Memoji. Yes, we learned that Xiaomi used its “Mi” brand to replace the first two letters of Apple’s AR avatar function, but this did not hide anything. Xiaomi even issued a tough press release, claiming that it did not deprive Apple. But considering Apple’s Memjoi and Xiaomi’s Mimoji’s 3D animation avatars moving with the user’s own facial expressions, it seems hard to believe. Then, after strongly denying it copying Apple, Xiaomi inadvertently stole an advertisement from a US company.

Weibo users (via CX Live) found that Xiaomi incorrectly embedded an Apple ad on the E-Commerce website Jingdong and Suning’s product page for the new Xiaomi Mi CC9 phone. Mi CC9 has built-in Mimoji functionality. On both sites, above the Mimoji name, there is an Apple Music Memoji ad that includes songs by the AR music artist Khalid. Xu Jieyun, general manager of Xiaomi Public Relations, said that the content uploaded by Xiaomi employees was wrong. Xiaomi later deleted any information from Apple on the above e-commerce platform.

As early as 2014, Jony Ive, the Apple design director who left, said, “I think this is stealing, and it’s lazy,” refers to Xiaomi’s preference for copying Apple hardware and UI design. In the past few years, the comparison with the small apple has been reduced, because Xiaomi has created a “value for money” manufacturer for himself. Xiaomi delivered 122.6 million mobile phones last year, ranking fourth in Huawei’s global rankings.

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