Xiaomi Mi Band 4 likely to use Huami’s RISC-V based Huangshan No.1 Chip


Xiaomi’s best-selling Mi Band series will be released on June 11th with a new update. Before the official release, we have gained some exciting news about the processor that powers the new Mi Band 4. Huamei, the gorgeous CEO, just joked that the AI-Power Huangshan No. 1 chip has been mass-produced. He may be talking about Mi Band 4 because the official Mi Band page on Weibo forwarded his post.

Huangshan No. 1 was released by Huamei at the end of last year. The processor is said to be more efficient than ARM’s Cortex M4 competitor. For Xiaomi, this is a very big move, because it means that the Chinese smartphone maker is trying to develop a RISC-V-based open source processor instead of the more popular ARM replacement. Time is also important because just a few days ago, we reported that Qualcomm made a large investment in SiFive, a leading provider of RISC-V-based processor IP. Therefore, it seems that companies are increasingly looking for alternatives to ARM’s Cortex-based chip designs.

Huangshan No. 1 (MHS001) is the world’s first wearable processor with an integrated AI neural network. There are four core artificial intelligence engines – the Heart Biometric Engine, ECG, ECG Pro and Hearth Rhythm Abnormality Monitoring Engine.

This is also an important milestone for Huamei. The Mi Band series has a tradition of selling millions of units. This means that this will be the first mass production of several million in Huangshan No. 1. It is a major move from the ARM-based Cortex IP, especially after the US ban and Huawei and Hess.

Mi Band 4 has been included in the reservation for Aliexpress. You can read more about it here.

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