Xiaomi launches the WSKEN X1 Pro data cable with detachable Micro and USB-C heads


Since the advent of smartphones, most mobile phones have introduced micro USB charging ports, especially for budget and mid-range models. But recently, we’ve seen switching to USB Type-C interfaces on midrange and flagship models as well as tablets and even laptops. There are often cases where an individual has multiple gadgets with two interfaces. If you leave one of the charging cables, it becomes a challenge. This is where the WSKEN X1 Pro data cable that Xiaomi just launched is available.

Although there is a USB 2.0 to C female-male connector, the WSKEN X1 Pro data cable provides simplicity for the entire package through a magnetically detachable connection. The cable has two heads, a Micro-USB and a Type-C header. His head can be left on the phone, and when it’s needed to connect, it’s easy to magnetize and start charging the phone.

This design ensures that the USB interface is not connected and disconnected from the phone too often, protecting the USB port from damage. It also makes one-handed operation easy, especially when you need to charge your phone on wheels. In addition, when the wires are removed from the USB head, the chip automatically powers down to prevent short circuits.

The cable comes in two lengths – one is 1.2-meter long and costs 49 yuan (~$8) while the 2-meter cable is priced at 59 yuan (~$8). The cable has a braided design and is made of flame retardant material that is resistant to heat. The high quality, oxygen-free, high-purity copper core is selected for good electrical conductivity. The wire is made of high-quality nylon, with higher toughness and high-density weaving process.

In addition, the end is made of a zinc alloy casing, and the surface of the casing is treated with high-density metal baking varnish for a comfortable and delicate hand. The indicator lights up when the cable is connected to a power source.

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