What Is Face Recognition?


Face Recognition :

A facial recognition system is a technology that can identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. Face recognition systems have a variety of methods to work with, but in general they work by comparing selected facial features in a given image to faces in a database. It is also described as a biometric artificial intelligence based application that uniquely identifies a person based on a person’s facial texture and shape analysis mode.

But facial recognition data can be prone to errors, which can be hampered by people who have not committed crimes. Facial recognition software is particularly bad at identifying African Americans and other minorities, women and young people, who often misidentify or fail to identify them and affect certain groups differently.

Techniques for Face Recognition :

Essentially, the process of face recognition is performed in two steps. The first involves feature extraction and selection and, the second is the classification of objects. Later developments introduced varying technologies to the procedure.

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