What is Cryptophone ?


Cryptophones are communication devices that make use of advanced security features as a means of minimizing the potential for interception of voice and data transmissions during a live exchange. The ability to circumvent many forms of electronic surveillance and lessen the potential for eavesdropping makes the cryptophone ideal for use in a number of business settings, as well as for high profile government officials and intelligence operatives.

Encrypted phones are mobile phones that provide security against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.

Interception of telecommunications has become a major industry. Most intelligence agencies and many private organizations in the world intercept telephone communications for military, economic, and political information. The price of simple mobile phone monitoring devices has become so low that many people have the ability to use them. Technological advances make it difficult to determine who is intercepting and recording private communications.

Encrypted phones can protect calls from interception by encrypting signals using algorithms. These phones have an encryption chip that handles encryption and decryption. Two algorithms are programmed in the chip: a key exchange algorithm for key agreement protocol and a symmetric key algorithm for voice encryption.

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