Types of sensors inside Smartphones & their working


There are following types of sensor which are used in smartphones :-

Sensor TypeCommon Uses
ProximityHardwareDisable the touch screen to avoid inadvertent touches by the cheek and ear during call
GyroscopeHardwareDetect the orientation of the phone
AccelerometerHardwareDetect the orientation of phone
Ambient LightHardwareAutomatically adjust display brightness
Compass / MagnetometerHardwareDetect  North , East , West and South direction and 
rotate your digital maps depending on your physical orientation
BarometerHardwareAltitude measurements
Ambient temperatueHardwareMonitoring of air temperatures
FingerprintHardwareAuthenticates fingerprint to grant or deny the access
Heart RateHardwareMonitoring of heart beat
Relative humidityHardwareMonitoring of dewpoint, absolute, and relative humidity
PressureHardwareMonitoring of air pressure changes
Touch screenHardwareTouching the things on screen
PedometerHardwareMonitoring the steps for physical fitness
Hall effect
HardwareTo switch off the screen using flip cover
GravitySoftware or HardwareMotion detection 

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