The leaked UMIDIGI X shows that the cheapest smartphone has a display fingerprint coming soon


According to the recent leak, Chinese manufacturer UMIDIGI will soon launch a new model after the A5 Pro has achieved great success. The leaked poster says it will be named UMIDIGI X, but this could be a temporary name. According to the same poster, the phone will be equipped with a display fingerprint sensor, which is mainly found in expensive flagship devices. But according to UMIDIGI’s strategy so far, this should be part of the budget market.

Currently, the display fingerprint reader can only be applied to OLED displays, so UMIDIGI X will definitely be equipped with one. This is very good because OLED panels have more accurate colors, true black, better contrast, and sometimes better brightness than regular LCD panels. In addition, since the LCD panel has an always-on LED function, and the OLED panel only illuminates the portion required for the display, most of the time they are more power efficient. In addition to the fingerprint reader, the poster shows no notches at the top. Does this mean that it can be equipped with a panoramic display and a pop-up selfie camera such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T or OnePlus 7 Pro? We will investigate and post any new information.

Of course, there is no launch date available right now nor is the price. It is speculated that UMIDIGI would reveal the new device in early August. In the meantime, UMIDIGI is globally recruiting 30 trial users to test its smart devices UMIDIGI Ubeats, UMIDIGI Uwatch 2, and UMIDIGI Selfie Stick (10 units each) to help improve the user experience. You can learn all the latest news for UMIDIGI’s devices on their Facebook page and join the giveaway on their official website.

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