The latest crowd of Xiaomi: Roidmi NEX wireless vacuum cleaner


Today we have another new millet crowd to talk about, that is the Roidmi NEX wireless vacuum cleaner. As you might expect, it’s a new vacuum cleaner, but there are a lot of extra vacuum cleaners on board. Most importantly, it can also act as a mop if needed. So let’s take a closer look at the Roidmi NEX wireless vacuum cleaner.

Roidmi’s main reputation is the ability of vacuum and mop. For the mop portion of the device, the company proposed some sort of intelligent slow down technique. The basic effect is that it absorbs and retains more moisture as you drag it. In addition, they have developed a new type of nano-scale hydrophobic fiber soft velvet roller brush, which has waterproof and anti-fouling functions.

For vacuum components, Roidmi touts the Engine-X digital brushless motor at speeds of up to 120,000 rpm and a total power of 435W. There is also Air-X dust separation technology to prevent vacuum blockage. We even performed front and rear air filtration so that clean air can be removed after all the dust has been removed by vacuum.

The Roidmi NEX wireless vacuum cleaner has a stand that can power up to eight Samsung/LG batteries. The presence of the BMS-X battery management system allows vacuum self-optimization, although it only takes one hour to fully charge. There is even a smartphone app that allows users to monitor the battery life remaining in the vacuum. The equipment is priced at 1699 yuan ($248) from the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi.

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