Tata Sky slashes set-top-box prices for a second time this year: All you need to know


The Indian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority or Trai launched a new tariff system earlier this year. As a result, DTH companies like Tata Sky and Airtel Digital are starting to compete for more users. Tata Sky has previously significantly reduced the price of its standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) set-top boxes. DTH operators have lowered the price by Rs 400 to provide more viewers. Tata Sky’s SD set-top box is priced at Rs 1,600, while the HD set-top box will be priced at Rs 1,800 after the price cut.

It now appears that DTH suppliers have cut prices sharply for the second time. Tata Sky is cutting the price of HD and SD set-top boxes. The new price for the SD box is Rs 1,399, which is a reduction of Rs 201. According to TelecomTalk, the new price of this HDTV box is 1,499 rupees, which is 301 rupees less than before. DTH is making corrections after blocking its customers’ multiple TV policies. Customers now need multiple set-top boxes for multiple TVs. Tata Sky may further cut prices to attract more customers.

Tata Sky has said that it’s set-top boxes are now available at local dealers and retail stores across towns and villages in India, Indian Television reports. “The customers get to choose from a variety of tailor-made packs, a-la-carte channels and bundled combo offerings with the flexibility to add and drop desired channels,” the cited source stated.

Tata Sky packs

In addition, Tata Sky has just launched four new broadcast groups for Bengali users. Prices start at Rs. 49 and do not include tax. The new packaging includes the Star Bengali Value A package, the Star Bengali Value B package, the Star Bengali Premium A package and the Star Bengali Premium B package. In addition, earlier this month, the company launched six half-year packaging, starting at Rs 2,007.

For the above prices, the basic semi-annual packaging of Gujarati Hindi is available. This includes the popular Gujarati and Hindi channels selected by Tata Sky. In addition, customers will receive the same HD for 2,698 rupees. It also offers corporate users a new basic semi-annual package for Hindi at a price of Rs 2,008, while the basic semi-annual package price in Hindi is Rs 2,836. The service provider also launched a new line of Lite packages for all subscribers with the ‘Gujarati Lite’ program.

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