Sundar Pichai Beats Tirupati Bala Ji To Become The Highest Earning South Indian


As everyone knows, Tirupati Balaji Temple can attract 300 million rupees or more in cash in addition to gold and other products every day, but at some point in the year, due to restrictions, the product has declined. Pilgrims enter the country. Although Tirupati Balaji has always been one of the highest-paid temples in the world, another famous South Indian has successfully surpassed it in terms of annual income.

According to reports, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of South India, earned Rs. 1,470 crore in FY 2019, so the average daily income was about Rs. 402 crore, thus defeating Tirupati Balaji for several hundred million rupees.

The Tirupati Temple Association may take measures such as removing temple entry restrictions, accepting credit and debit cards, and launching new mobile wallets to facilitate payments to increase revenue while harming the Google Pay market.

“What does he think of himself? He can’t beat us and become the biggest treasure in South India. Last month, Padmanabhaswamy Temple tried to beat us, now look at those losers! This Pichai will be lost. I will ask all devotees to boycott Google,” said an angry pastor of Tirupati.

Although Sundar Pichai has not made any statement on this issue, reports from Internet users around the world indicate that search engine results are publicly biased. Now, just look at the “South Indian Treasures” and return a series of images of Sundar Pichai. Waiting for more content.

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