Reliance Jio GigaFiber Officially Announced Important, Price, Plans


Reliance Jio’s GigaFiber broadband service will be launched in India next month. Even though high-speed Internet and low-cost tariffs are the main attractions of Jio Fiber, Reliance hopes to build a technology-driven ecosystem for home and business users. The company’s roadmap for AGM 2019 includes mixed reality, 4K content and the Internet of Things. Let us break it down.

Jio Fiber Internet Broadband

Reliance Jio hopes to undermine the broadband sector with low-cost tariffs, just like Jio’s mobile services at the end of 2016. Reliance Jio’s basic tariff plan is priced at Rs 700 per month and data rates as high as 100 Mbps. Reliance also bundled free landline phone service with Jio Fiber. For immediate and widespread adoption, Jio offers free HD or 4K TVs and 4K set-top boxes as well as the annual Jio Fiber Data Program. Some of the free gifts announced at AGM include the JioPostPaid Plus priority service, bundled content from the OTT platform, and ‘Jio First-day-first-show’ for movie lovers.


As the first video conferencing solution for Indian families, the JioCall service will allow users to make video calls over their TV. Users can also conduct multi-party video conferences. The service is interoperable on a variety of devices, including TVs, and users can enjoy video conferencing for free through JioCall.

Jio Set-top-box

Reliance Jio set-top-box is akin to a smart media player and comes with features such as video conferencing, voice search, and access to popular OTT platforms. Another big feature of Reliance Jio set-top-box is that it supports online gaming. Reliance Jio also introduced a multiplayer online network. Jio said the set-top-box supports all popular gaming consoles and controllers. It also claimed that the graphics performance of the set-top-box is “at par with the best in the world” and delivers “zero latency.” The set-top-box supports up to 4K resolution for gameplay.

Mixed Reality Holoboard

Reliance Jio partnered with MR startup Tesseract to deliver hybrid reality-based capabilities. With GigaFiber broadband services, Jio’s MR headset “Holoboard” is targeted at three main categories – shopping, entertainment and education. According to the RIL AGM demonstration, Jio’s MR headphones will allow users to create 3D virtual avatars and try different outfits. Holoboard will also help users watch movies in movie mode, similar to ANT-VR headsets. Reliance Jio will sell Holoboard separately and offer it to users at an “affordable” price.


Reliance Jio also announced free cloud and connectivity solutions for “budding startups” in India. The company will deliver “custom designed packages” for different startups. The service will be available to startups starting January, 2020. The company also announced plans to invest in the new startups. It is worth noting here that Reliance Jio and Microsoft announced a 10-year partnership to integrate Microsoft’s Azure cloud with Jio’s upcoming data centers in India.

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