Redmi K20 Pro Real Diamonds and Pure Gold Signature Edition Check Price


The Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi announced that the K20 and K20 Pro arrived in India today, and there is more to this event. The company also introduced a special version of the Pro variant called K20 Pro Signature Edition.

The Redmi K20 Pro Signature Edition is a luxury device that sells for up to INR 480,000, which is equivalent to $6,970 / $6,220. It’s very expensive because it’s made of pure gold on the back and a “K” logo on the bottom right, decorated with diamonds.

At this price, the K20 Pro Signature Edition isn’t for everyone, and Redmi will only be making 20 units of this gold-covered flagship.

Redmi hasn’t revealed details about the availability and memory configuration of the K20 Pro Signature Edition yet.

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