Poco Launcher 2.0 beta rolling out, has a ton of new features


The beta version of Poco Launcher received an important update today, so that the MIUI development team called it 2.0. It adds some features and brings some updates. In addition to all the adjustments, it brings a clearer look, a translucent background and some ironing graphics. Let’s take a closer look.

These changes are mainly about polishing the design and making the application drawers make the experience smoother. Now it can have a translucent background, so you can even see your wallpaper under the white/black/grey layer. Transparency is customizable – so you can have both a valuable main image and a dark mode.

Xiaomi also showed the transmitter’s flexible application management options. Now you can easily create your own custom groups and add and remove applications to make sure you don’t have to waste any time looking for what you need. Things are much simpler than before, and things have been pretty good before then.

In addition, performance has been significantly improved, so that POCO Launcher is now more responsive and fluid. There are also many adjustments to the interface and settings screen, and some annoying bugs have been fixed. It’s unclear when the stable version of the launcher will go out, because the tweet only discusses the beta.

You are unfortunately out of luck if you wish to get enrolled in the Beta Programme as it is already full. If more slots open in the future however, you can visit this page, sign up for the program and download Poco Launcher 2.0 from the Play Store.

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