Motorola’s Moto Z4 will only be updated to Android Q.


If you like updates, Moto Z4 may not be for you. A new report says the new mid- to high-end system will only receive one major operating system update. For a $499 mobile phone, this is very disappointing.

The technology website Digital Trends reported in their comments on the device that the handset manufacturer confirmed that there is only one major OS update plan for the fourth-generation Moto Z smartphone. Since the launch of Android Pie, this means it will be updated to Android Q, after nothing.

In an era when software support is as important as the quality of device construction, Motorola’s decision to take this decision is meaningless. Even more confusing is that the Moto Z4 runs a nearly complete version of Android, so it shouldn’t be difficult to introduce at least two updates.

Motorola does say that the Moto Z4 will receive a two-month security update within two years, but this is not a comfort. This news makes the Moto Z4 more difficult to purchase as a device worth buying. It must compete with Pixel 3a and it will be updated by 2022.

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