LG Latest Patent Hints For Smartphone With 16 Rear Camera Sensors


The global smartphone market seems to be the battleground for new wars, and manufacturers are competing for the number of camera sensors they can put on their smartphones. Samsung recently took it to a new level with four camera sensors behind the Galaxy A9 (2018). However, LG may plan to put things on the other level, not just four, but 16 rear camera lenses. The Korean manufacturer has obtained a patent in the United States that retains the right to place a total of 16 camera lenses on the back of the smartphone, in a matrix layout.

A patent received by LG from the US Patent and Trademark Office was first reported by the Dutch blog LetsGo Digital, which designed the design for a 16-camera design. These multiple sensors are placed in a matrix arrangement that allows the user to take a single photo from multiple angles. You can then use different angles to choose the lens of your choice.

In addition, the patent shows that this camera setup will allow for complex facial recognition techniques. This feature allows users to replace other people’s avatars from pre-clicked photos. Although not specified, it will be interesting to see how this is actually achieved.

The mirror may also be placed directly below the 16 rear camera sensors so that the user can use the same camera to take a self-portrait instead of using a self-portrait that may be underpowered. The patent also states that the design can be applied to non-traditional smartphone designs such as foldable phones or phones with any other form factor.

Although not a smartphone, Light Camera is actually the first device to run 16 camera sensors. However, considering the number of internal phones and the camera mechanism, achieving this goal on a smartphone is not a small achievement.

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