Japan PS4 Pro Price Cuts India, US and Europe to follow the same?

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The PS4 Pro has been cut in Japan. Sony announced that the PS4 Pro will be 39,980 yen (about 25,576 rupees or 349 dollars) from October 12, instead of 44,980 yen (about 28,776 rupees or 399 dollars). In addition, the white PS4 Pro will be launched with the standard black PS4 Pro instead of the limited edition. As Japan receives a drop in the price of the PS4 Pro, we see that the ratings in India, the US and Europe are only a matter of time, as well as the price cuts of the PS4 in the past.

“I just called SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment] about the price reduction of the PlayStation 4 Pro and asked what happened outside of Japan, including the US and Europe. It said, “We are unable to make any comments now. “Keep your fingers crossed!,” Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal.

Although Sony India has not yet responded to our request for the price reduction of the Indian PS4 Pro, it can be said with certainty that through the gray market or parallel imports, we can see that Japanese stocks flow in at a lower price. The current price of PS4 Pro India is Rs. 41,990 official warranty, and it is about Rs. The grey market 35,000 has no warranty. The promise of cheaper hardware abroad ensures that those who are willing to give up their warranty during this period are more competitive, as the US and Europe are more likely to receive price cuts first because of market size. At the moment of price cuts in Europe, India should see one and the country in Sony’s European region.

Sony’s PS4 Pro has an interesting history in India. It officially launched in February 2017, but due to problems related to BIS customs clearance, most of the time this year is out of stock. During the announcement of the 2018 Alliance Budget, the Indian government decided to raise the tariff from 10% to 20% and then the price increase, resulting in the Rupee MRP. 41,990 instead of the rupee. It was officially running at a price of 38,990.

However, its sales are very good. A number of retailers talking to Gadgets 360 without anonymity said that Sony’s iterative consoles accounted for 30% to 35% of its total console sales. Not surprisingly, the powerful exclusive lineup including Spider-Man PS4 and God of War.

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