iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max performs the ‘Ultimate Drop Test’ in this Video, Defeating iPhone X

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iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are Apple’s newest smartphones, which will be available in the first round of the market starting Friday, September 21. One of the markets is Australia, each of the people who run the YouTube channel TechSmartt in the hands of the joint drop test, allowing them to fall from different heights. YouTuber also compared these results with the results of Apple’s flagship iPhone X. Let’s take a look at the results to see if the new iPhone model offers Apple’s commitment to durability – recall, at the press conference, it said that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the world’s most durable smartphone glasses.

The video begins with a pocket test that includes discarding all three phones from the standard pocket height of a pair of jeans. All three iPhones of the iPhone XS, XS Max and X were not hurt, and there were no signs of wear, scratches or cracks after the first round. The stainless steel construction seeks to protect the edges from any gaps.

This round is followed by a drop in height from the head, from the ear when calling. The first thing that failed was the iPhone X last year, which produced a lot of cracks on the side of the display and first appeared on the ground. Fortunately, however, the iPhone XS will not be compromised by the same level of decline. The larger iPhone XS Max does produce “significant wear and tear” on the top of the phone.

Then there is the final drop test, a height of 10 feet or about 3 meters. The back of the iPhone X fell, and the glass on the back and display was completely broken by the impact. Next, the iPhone XS has absolutely no signs of damage even after the drop is too high. Finally, due to the weight difference compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max did get half a screen crack. In addition, the display of the XS Max model began to malfunction after the impact.

Although these tests show a significant improvement in glass durability on newer iPhone models, the drop test is not necessarily the gold standard for testing durable glass. Real-world conditions are often different from those specified, and experience may vary from user to user.

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