Instagram and Whatsapp is getting Re-branded by Facebook

Change facebook name

Facebook plans to show who is the boss by adding its name on Instagram and WhatsApp. Although the two companies were acquired by social media giants many years ago, it has not yet had an impact on the brand.

“Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook” will be the new names for these applications in the future. These changes will soon be reflected in the app in the App Store and Play Store. According to The Information, Facebook first confirmed this. A Facebook spokesperson said, “We want to know more about Facebook products and services.”

The company has started adding its name on some of Instagram’s screens this week, which is one of the first links it offers users with their popular platform ownership.

The move is because the world’s largest social media companies face more rigorous scrutiny from global regulators to increase the transparency of data privacy practices and how and with whom Facebook shares user information.

Although users can’t see it immediately, on the bottom of the Instagram app settings page on some iOS devices, you can see “Instagram from Facebook” with just a few clicks.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp was acquired in 2014, and now everyone uses more than 1 billion people.

Instagram has become especially important in increasing Facebook’s revenue because the app does not exceed its parent company’s privacy scandal, which attracts younger consumers and attracts more advertisers faster.

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