Huawei will announce a Nova Bluetooth Speaker today


It is not uncommon for manufacturers to announce new accessories next to new phones. When Huawei announced the launch of the Nova 5 series today, it will also launch a cute little speaker under the Nova brand.

The image of the speaker is shared on Twitter by @RODENT950, which is actually the source of news about Huawei.
The Nova Bluetooth speaker has a cylindrical body with a speaker grille on the top. It has the same green coating effect as Nova 5 but has a double textured surface. Careful observation, the upper part must be aluminum, and the bottom seems to be made of rubber / plastic.

The Nova blue speaker is engraved with a grey new Nova logo on its body. There is a power button next to the bottom, which we think is an LED to indicate when it is on, charging and fully charged.

Technical specifications and prices have not been announced, but the price may not exceed $20.

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