Huawei Nova 5i get a 6GB RAM Variant on Geekbench


Just over a week ago, an unannounced call was discovered that Huawei Nova 5i was found on Geekbench and was also certified by two countries. Now, a new version of Huawei’s Nova 5i has found 6GB of memory on Geekbench, compared to 4GB of RAM in the low-end version of the recent access benchmark. Huawei Nova 5i was found running Android 9 Pie, which is reported to receive power from the eight-core Snapdragon 710 SoC.

Huawei Nova 5i’s 6GB RAM model with the model ‘HUAWEI GLK-LX2’ has been found on Geekbench and is provided by two separate lists of the same model. The phone scored 1516 and 1530 in the Geekbench single-core test, and the multicore test results for each test were 5193 and 5233. According to the Geekbench database, the phone uses an eight-core SoC with a clock frequency of 1.71GHz and comes with 6GB of memory.

Huawei’s Nova series of mobile phones are usually unveiled in the name of “P Lite”. According to rumours, Nova 5i will be launched as a Huawei P20 Lite outside China. The Huawei Nova 5i features a four-in-one rear camera and a 5.84-inch full HD + perforated display.

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