Google Pixel 4 camera can support P3 wide color gamut capture like Apple


Google’s Pixel smartphone is known for its cameras. More than just hardware, Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning post-processing are the reasons why photos taken from any Pixel phone end up looking just as good as they are. However, one small fact that many people won’t notice is that Google’s default camera app still captures images in the sRGB color space, while others such as Apple have moved to the wider P3 color space a few years ago. Now, the latest findings from the Google Camera app code show that the company may soon add support for P3 color capture, which is likely to be the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone.

Find the P3 color profile code in the Google Camera app
Google can introduce this in Pixel 4
Apple has been using this broader color gamut since the iPhone 7

Advanced XDA developer cstark27 found some code in the Google Camera app that allows for wide color gamut P3 color capture. He compiled this special version of the application, which managed to capture photos with a P3 color gamut, which can be seen in the EXIF ​​data of the photo. Of course, to really see the difference between the sRGB and P3 gamuts, you need a monitor and the appropriate software to support a wider color space.

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