FedEx sues the US government to enforce restrictions on transportation to Huawei


FedEx, a US-based courier company, sued the US government for claiming that the company should not be held liable in case the company inadvertently delivers products that violate the Trump administration’s ban on exports to selected Chinese companies.

In the court documents of the District of Columbia, the company stated that it should not enforce export bans and cannot reasonably be liable for transport products that it does not understand.

In the submission, the company stated that the export restriction rules “really represent FedEx’s supervision of the millions of parcels it carries every day, even if it is legal in the logistics, economy and in many cases, almost no Possible tasks.”

In response, a US Department of Commerce spokesman said, “We have not reviewed the complaint, but we still look forward to defending the role of the Ministry of Commerce in protecting US national security.”

The US Department of Commerce has banned some Chinese companies from buying sensitive US technology in recent weeks. Among them is China Telecom giant Huawei Technologies, which was added to the US “list of entities” to ban its purchase of US technology that the company relies heavily on.

This development took place after the company began to cause anger from China again related to its business practices. Last week, a package containing Huawei smartphones sent to the US was returned to the UK sender. Because the “US” company returned the parcel government issue “but the company later described this incident as “operational error.”

Last month, two parcels sent to Asia’s Huawei address via FedEx were forwarded to the US by the courier company. FedEx said that the packages were “incorrectly misguided.” China has launched an investigation into the matter.

FedEx said it will deliver all Huawei products to addresses other than Huawei and US blacklist affiliates. United Parcel Service also said it would not ship to the Huawei address on the entity list, but confirmed that Huawei products did not have a “universal ban.”

However, a Huawei spokesperson said that the company has stopped FedEx or UPS services. Recently, Huawei took Twitter’s claim that FedEx did not have the right to block delivery and said that the courier had “vulnerability.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry has asked for a comprehensive explanation.

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