Boeing wants to wait 3 years to fix security alerts on the 737 Max


Boeing plans to wait three years to repair non-work safety warnings on its 737 Max aircraft and speed up the process after the first of two fatal crashes involving aircraft.

The company acknowledged that the company originally planned to repair the cockpit warning lights by 2020 after the two main legislators announced the company’s timetable on Friday.

A representative of the United States. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Rick Larsen of Washington wrote to Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration and asked why the company spent more than a year telling security agencies and airlines that the alert does not apply to Max jets.

The function called the angle of attack or AoA alarm warns the pilot when the sensor measures the up and down pitch of the aircraft nose relative to the oncoming air.

These sensors failed in the October flight of Lion Air in Indonesia and the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa in March, causing the anti-stall software to push the nose of the aircraft down. The pilot could not regain control and both planes crashed. A total of 346 people were killed.

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