Apple website leaks 512GB iPhone XS and six color options for iPhone XR


If  you are also one of those who thinks this gonna be something just big and if you’re going to brand an iPhone as “XS” (which we know a lot of people will pronounce as “excess”) and “Max”, the thing had better come with plenty of storage. And sure enough, this year Apple will once again double the storage in its top-tier iPhone to 512GB. Both sizes of the iPhone XS — 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch — will offer the 512GB capacity. The new details were seen in a premature update to Apple’s sitemap, as outlined here by Steve Troughton-Smith and first uncovered by AllThings.How. The sitemap had already offered direct confirmation of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names.

If you do not need this huge built-in storage then you might be pleased to hear that Apple is seemingly returning to three storage tiers with the 2018 iPhone lineup. Your choices begin with a 64GB storage option for both the XS and XR. From there, the upgrades differ. The next step up for XR is a more modest 128GB (whereas the XS gets 256GB) and then 256GB (compared to the 512GB high-end OLED model).

Apple’s sitemap leak also reveals the colors of each model. As rumored, the XS will come in gold in addition to the black and silver designs introduced with the iPhone X. But the XR is where the flashier choices will be. You’ll be able to pick between six different color options in total.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve just learned from the last-minute leaks ahead of today’s event.

iPhone XS (5.8-inch OLED screen) and XS Max (6.5-inch OLED screen):

Storage: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold

iPhone XR (6.1-inch LCD screen):
Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Coral, Blue

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