Apple iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max cases are now available for shipping


Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone in September, possibly called iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. Now, before launching these upcoming smartphones, their phones are on sale.

Online retailer Giztop has listed two cases – one for each upcoming iPhone model. The Zeaplus Shield is for the iPhone XI (2019) and the Zeaplus Shield is for the iPhone XI Max (2019) for $7.99.

The lid of the device listed online shows a square cutout in the upper left corner of the rear panel, the power button and the volume rocker on the left. At the bottom, there is a slit for charging the connector.

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Since the current iPhone already has dual camera settings, the company plans to add another camera sensor to the setup, so a square camera housing design will be used to accommodate the three camera sensors..

Like its predecessor, the Apple iPhone XI is expected to be equipped with a 5.8-inch display. It is speculated that the iPhone XI and other upcoming iPhones will slightly reduce the gaps and borders, and may also need complex sensors with IDs.

Expected to be available in September, both smartphones may have similar technical specifications, but the iPhone XI Max will be available with a larger display and larger battery.

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